Nascent Technology and the Hospitality Sphere

Owing to the emergence of several nascent technologies and heightened customer experiences, travel, and hospitality sector has experienced radical developments in the last few years. As the IoT revolution has set the tone for a ‘smart-everything’ world, for the hospitality and travel industry, this would set the record from a ‘demand driven’ approach to an ‘on-demand’ service, catering a more dynamic range.

AI and IoT will bring the concept of personalization to a whole new level, right from the point of Googling for a getaway, logistics, planning, and booking. The extent of the stay itself has moved away from mere sci-fi into a world where smart rooms come with Spotify, Netflix, and bed sensors for lighting and temperature.

On the other side, implementing real-time tools for supplementing customer gratification has always been a tedious task for enterprises. With the numerous developments integrating cloud computing and scalable third-party API with PMS and CRM can make operation management software relatively affordable. Further, personalization in CRM excels customer experience as it empowers the delivery of fully honed “experiential marketing.”

The modern take on a more convenient travel and hospitality sector would, however, be incomplete without the mobile component. Mobile devices are virtually present in any micro-moment of the booking journey: from research to planning, from booking to post-stay experience sharing, guests depend almost entirely on their phones. The industry needs to be well geared to leverage the use of the same with a myriad of possible integrations under way in customer data inference and collection.

Encompassing the finer details of these developments, solutions, and services, we present to you the views and insights of some of the leading practitioners and innovators in technology, revolutionizing the travel and hospitality terrain. We trust you enjoy reading this edition.

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