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Top 10 Booking and Reservation Solution Companies - 2020

Today, technology is reshaping the hospitality industry. Every player in the industry is vying to stay at the top with the latest trends to rampup booking procedures and customer services. From online check-inprocesses to high-tech amenities that go beyond in-room iPads and Wi-Fi access, everyone has accepted smart rooms as the next big thing to pull more business and customer loyalty. Technologists, industry leaders, as well as startups, are integrating artificial intelligence, IoT, and a plethora of cutting-edge technologies to deliver customer-oriented results.
It is essential to have a closer look at what these technologies offer to customers in the hospitality domain. To begin with, artificial intelligence provides a smooth and effortless user experience by saving time and delivering personalized solutions. For people who are in a hurry to choose hotels and don’t want to look at the long list available, AI-powered chatbots search across thousands of hotels and find the right accommodations according to customer needs. They also use automated assistants that ask questions to search hotels better for users. Similarly, collecting insights into what users want while booking hotels is another way in which big data comes to help. Analyzing user preferences, interests, and other criteria, users are provided with the right choices and offers.
Again, instant messaging for hotel bookings is on the rise. Asking questions related to hotel bookings gives instant answers to what users are looking for. Gone are the days when hotels provide phone services; instead the visitors can utilize mobile apps. Once the users have hotel booking applications installed on their phones, they can quickly get notified with offers and discounts on the same through in-app communication. Push notifications on the phone, reporting a problem, connecting with the hotel—all get feasible within the app. So, what customers get is a fully-functional application where their queries get resolved within seconds. Finally, mention must be made of virtual reality that makes hotel viewing a fact, customers can virtually walk in a hotel to feel its ambiance and zero down on their choice. It goes without saying that in the midst of countless hospitality technology offerings, opting for the right solution that meets every requirement of an organization is paramount.
Our goal with this edition is to feature such solution providers who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the booking and reservation space through their topnotch solutions. We hope this issue of the Travel and Hospitality Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven booking and reservation solutions.
We present to you’ Top 10 Booking and Reservation Solution Providers - 2020.’

    Top Companies

  • MobenIT provides booking intelligence solutions along with an AI chatbot concierge service to enhance travelers' experiences

  • Provide lodges, hotels, bed and breakfast (B&B), campgrounds, and vacation rentals the tools that deliver the best-in-class online reservation experience for their guests. ResNexus software can also be used easily by people with disabilities. Thanks to its ADA compliance, the company’s booking engine is the first-of-its-kind to have reservation options for guests with special needs. This helps protect properties from ADA compliance lawsuits. The company provides two-factor authentication to protect properties from security breaches

  • Above Property®

    Above Property®

    Above Property® is a cloud-based travel software company with deep knowledge of travel and hospitality technologies. Above Property was formed in 2013 to create the new standard for speed, flexibility and stability for travel and hospitality CRS (Central Reservation System), Revenue Management, and Property Management solutions.The company founder and many key employees have been working together for decades and the systems they have written are in use all over the world. The company t echnology philosophy dictates using the very latest technology, software development tools and methods to ensure the most cutting edge products

  • BookingCenter


    BookingCenter is a property management system provider for independently owned hotels, motels, B&B’s and resorts across the globe. As one of the pioneers in the hospitality property management industry, we have been designing PMS software for the independent property owner for over 20 years. After years of research and experience in the hospitality industry, two individual companies on opposite ends of the Earth searched for — and found — each other. The InternetCorps of San Francisco, California and Heads Together Software of Sydney, Australia

  • Custom Travel Solutions

    Custom Travel Solutions

    Custom Travel Solutions is the world’s leading provider of elite membership-based travel and lifestyle benefits. Through its platform-as-a-service delivery model, Custom Travel Solutions enables companies and organizations to offer a vast array of high-value benefits at exclusive membership prices, generating new revenue and boosting brand loyalty. Custom Travel Solutions also provides travel benefit programs, white label booking engines, aggregated travel APIs, travel fulfillment, travel licensing, travel customer service, closed user group inventory and a full array of consultative services. In addition to its global client roster, Custom Travel Solutions is also a strategic partner of Amadeus, providing technical and fulfillment services to the leading international global distribution system (GDS)

  • EzTix


    The EzTix platform seamlessly integrates with clients’ websites and has been custom-built with a comprehensive set of features tailored to meet the needs of businesses of any size. Right from converting a visitor on client website to sending guests a follow-up email on behalf of clients at the end of a tour—EzTix covers it all. When collaborating with a client, EzTix goes above and beyond just providing a solution and focuses on three crucial areas to help clients boost their business—ramping up sales, saving time and money, and ensuring guest satisfaction. Recently, EzTix has rolled out a beta version of a brand new booking interface

  • Indexic


    Indexic offers two premium software products called aReservation and aWaiver. aReservation is the perfect tool for those companies looking to take advantage of e-commerce on their websites without the hassles. We offer you with an online booking platform through dynamic software that integrates into your website. aWaiver is the most legally robust electronic waiver signing platform in the industry with patented software, which integrates with aReservation or can operate alone

  • TicketSocket


    TicketSocket offers total control with none of the time & costs of creating a custom solution. We are revolutionizing the way companies use ticketing. We believe that no organization large or small will ever want “LESS CONTROL” over their Money, Data, Brand, and Functionality. Through its proprietary plug framework, white label tools, and open API’s, we are pioneering a new level of interactivity and customization for event promoters, venues, developers, and other ticketing companies

  • TravTech


    TravTech is one of the leading travel technology companies in the industry and offers a host of web-based solutions to the travel agent community. Since 2001 TravTech has been at the forefront offering a variety of products ranging from agent and consumer cruise booking engines to all of which are designed to make your job easier and your business more efficient. TravTech's consumer tools are designed to provide the best possible user experience through the cruise booking process. Agencies can opt either for a booking engine to add to their existing site or for a complete website which includes cruise deals, destination and cruise line pages which are available in a variety of templates. In either case, everything is easy to set up, use an agency's booking credentials and are fully white labeled to highlight the agency's logo and phone number to maintain brand consistency

  • Travtion Solutions LLC

    Travtion Solutions LLC

    Travtion provide a complete software solution for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies; to sell their products online with a powerful back-end that empowers business decisions with real-time insightful information. Its job is to provide the people making connections the necessary online tools to make the process systematic and effortless. Enable Calendar View to allow the customers to find the best Vacation Packages of the week, month and year by destination

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